Eternal ink.Neutral Gray Set.

Introducing an essential addition to every artist’s color palette — a set of four opaque neutral gray inks! For the black & gray artist looking to create a smooth opaque gradation, these four inks are evenly spaced at 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of black on the value scale. Color artists will love the neutral grays for toning down any color without a having a shift in color hue. Adding this set allows an artist to extend their color palette with a wider range of tones and shades. Purchase the whole set">here.
Due to the difference in computer monitor settings, these color charts are only representations of the
actual pigment.  Some colors may vary slightly from the actual product.

●Набор из четырех непрозрачных, нейтральных серых оттенков.

●Равномерная градация по уровням 20%, 40%, 60% и 80% 

●Позволяет художнику расширить цветовую палитру с более широким диапазоном тонов и оттенков.

●Включает в себя цвета:

●Neutral Gray 20. 

●Neutral Gray 40.

●Neutral Gray 60.

●Neutral Gray 80.

Цена указана за 1/2 oz.

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