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Irezumi Japanese Soft Greywash Tattoo Shading Ink.

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  • 1 oz - разлито в UkrainianTattooSupply
  • 6 oz и 12 oz - оригинальная упаковка производителя.
  • Irezumi Ink has the industries highest pigment load with the most dense molecular structure. This results in using less ink to get your desired reslut.
  • Every drop of Irezumi Ink has been quality control checked for consitency and pigment loads.
  • Irezumi has an ulta hi flow rate. Flow rate is the speed at which the ink gets pushed into the skin.
  • The perfected formula of the Japanese Irezumi is a ancient secret discovered by the Japanese hundreds of years ago. This is the original Japanese tattoo ink.

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