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Irezumi Japanese Medium Bronze Shading Ink.

Цена производителя!


В корзину


Цена производителя!

  • 1/2 oz и 1 oz - разлито в CCCP-TATTOO.
  • 6 oz - оригинальная упаковка производителя.


Irezumi Tattoo Ink is the most sought after tattoo ink in Japan. After years of negotiations, Millennium Colors, Inc., finally struck am agreement to exclusively bottle this ink in America. We are so confident that you will love these ins, that TTs is offering a no questions return and refund policy on this product. Compare these inks to any other Japanese or Japanese sstyle outing and shading inks on the market today, to see for yourself that Irezumi is the better ink, for Half the Price! In an effort to develop a stronger relationship directly with the tattoo artist, we are NOT offering this product to resellers or wholesalers. TTS will pass the 50% wholesale discount directly over to our retail customers as our gratitude to the tattoo artist community. In addition, when you BUY it from us, you know It is genuine, not diluted and meeting the highest health code standards! If Irezumi is not purchased from us, It is not Irezumi! At the end of the day, Irezumi is The Better Ink, At Half the Price!

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