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Анестезия аналог Goochie.10 млг.


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  • Флакон 10 грм.
  • Product Features:
  • 1.It contains“Hydrochloric acid of adrenaline”,can use it on yhe mid-way,will not turn black.
  • 2.Advantage: 10 minutes speed linen, white will never change. When the temperature is low,you will see the crystals,it’s the normal phenomenon.No need to frozen.
  • 3.Using Method:
  • Step 1:use Goochie professional product-chamfer gel to clean the lip surface then remove labial surfaces grease,after use disinfection cotton or the special cotton external application
  • Step 2 in order to prevent become white on the edge of lip after using analgesics or allergic, also in order to save external analgesics,we cut off the cotton-redundant.
  • Step 3:After cutting,use more drops of analgesics between lip peak and lip line,let the labial surfaces in full state.At the same time,tell the customer that the lip be in the relaxed state and not save saliva during the external process,because saliva can dilute the concentration of the analgesics. Suppose have saliva in mouth,do not spit but to swallow.The analgesics do no harm to the body.
  • Step 4:analgesics time is different.The normal time is 10-15 minutes.But some customers because of the long-term medication or drinking habit,5 mintues more is needed ,so as to achieve the ideal analgesic effect. Step 5:when external time in about 10 minutes, prepare a new tattoo needle,in cotton air-taking lightly,especially in the lip line,the analgesics can deeply penetration,complete painless effect.1 minute after, use another new needle to begin of the operation on the lip.
  • Рекомендация по применению от наших мастеров:
  • 1.Наносится на открытую рану.(слегка пройтись(процарапать)иглой).
  • 2.Под плёночку 3-5 минут.
  • 3.Сняли плёнку,ещё 2-3 минуты и можно работать.
  • 4.При оостаточных болевых ощущениях возможно нанести анестезию ещё раз,уже без плёнки.